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In an homage to Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea, our space is dabbed in fluffy whites and mystic greys. Dreamy illuminated clouds dangle from ceilings to create an immersive experience. As delightful as the décor, is the food. Our all-day menu stays true to the core of Asian cuisine, whilst also incorporating modern techniques and proudly featuring fresh ingredients. Benjamin’s culinary experience intertwines with his Cantonese heritage –  he has curated a menu that is both traditional and unique. Think familiar Asian dishes with fresh, modern, and absolutely delicious flavours! 


Serving Alphington and its surrounds since 2015, Benjamin’s Kitchen is the perfect place to share a good meal over long lunches, intimate dinners, a fun night out and group catch-ups! 


Born and bred in Guangdong, Benjamin has a deep-rooted passion for the province's culture and traditions. The food philosophy is to let the menu shine by featuring fresh ingredients.


He acquired mastery in cooking and wok techniques from years of experience, working his way up from hand washing dishes as a teenager to becoming a head chef in numerous Asian restaurants across the Melbourne scene.


Benjamin’s Kitchen is his third and most successful restaurant. Benjamin's vision is simple - to serve honest, delicious, and fun Asian food to the local community without over-the-top extras.

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